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​Samantha Ashley

​Bowen Therapist

(Dip Bowen Therapy)

Green Valley Bowen Therapy in Gold Coast Qld

​​Samantha Ashley has been committed to exploring, researching and studying physical health, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices for over 20 years.

Samantha is a dedicated professional who has a holistic view about health and well being. With a background in Massage, Naturopathy and Nutrition Samantha found she was in her element when she incorporated body work into her treatment plans. Samantha has found Bowen Therapy to be a remarkable therapy that delivers consistent results over a wide range of issues including injury rehabilitation. Samantha also offers relaxation massage services for the ultimate indulgence and a way to completely destress.

Samantha is a qualified Massage Therapist and Bowtech Bowen Therapist and has also undertaken specialized training in Bowen procedures to assist diabetics and stroke patients. Samantha is dedicated and committed to continuing her education so that you can be assured that your treatments will be performed with the most up to date knowledge available. 

 Samantha's path to becoming a Bowen Therapist

After having suffered for many years with chronic pain and trying multiple different therapies with little or no success, Samantha stumbled across the Bowen Technique and it changed her life. After only three treatments her pain was gone and her life back on track. Samantha was so excited about her results that she decided to undergo training to become a qualified Bowtech Bowen Therapist and change the lives of others through this amazing therapy. Samantha founded Green Valley Bowen Therapy in Gold Coast QLD in 2014.

Samantha runs a successful clinic in Miami on the central Gold Coast. Green Valley Bowen Therapy has been going from strength to strength, easing the pain and suffering of many clients and bringing wellness, relaxation and vitality back to their lives.

Bowen Therapy for specific issues

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Wellness programs

AromaFusion Massage

Whole Body Relaxation Massage

Polynesian Hot Stone Massage

Pregnancy wellness programs

Bowen for babies and children


Bowen for the disabled

Bowen for the elderly

Bowen for Diabetes

Bowen for Stroke

​Bowen for emotional trauma and stress

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Our Mission

At Green Valley Bowen Therapy, our mission is simple: We are committed to correcting your health concerns so you may enjoy your life pain free

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At  Green Valley Bowen Therapy we pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and kindness, and pay attention to your individual needs.